Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling Services

Lisa Gercie sitting on table

Lisa believes that her greatest legacy will be that she taught clients how to connect with their “I AM Presence” and as a result they were able to create their heaven on earth.

Lisa specializes in counseling and mentoring other intuitives, empaths, healers, mediums, and highly sensitive people. She enjoys teaching and guiding those who want to heighten their vibration and expand their conscious awareness to 5th dimensional living. She understands the joys and the challenges of living in a multidimensional, high vibrational state.

Common Questions that Lisa has been asked numerous times over the years….

Can we heal ourselves?  Can we really tap into our own empowerment?  Is it possible to live in a way that is outside of the normal constructs of society? The answer to all 3 is YES!!!

Additional Services:

Career & Financial Coaching – Lisa guides specifically entrepreneurs and those looking to tap into their creative genius to have the career and life purpose of their dreams. She also knows that many millionaires and self made empowered people have not only grit, but 8 sources of income. What are some other ways you can use your money to accrue even more money & abundance?  Lisa knows that the stock market and crypto currency are 2 streams that can add to your bank account & retirement. In 2016 and 2017 she began taking on line classes through Investor’s Business Daily and continues to get their daily digital stock forecast and weekly newspaper.  Lisa & her team also use the Jose Silva Method to “psychically see” where a stock will be in 30 days, a method that has been tried and tested.  Then when your portfolio is at a place of satisfaction & peak performance, she then has a team of investors & crypto experts to help you diversify your portfolio even more to manifest greater wealth. 

Physical Fitness & Nutrition Consulting – Lisa began her college career studying exercise physiology and was certified as a personal fitness trainer. She worked at area gyms and this helped her support herself throughout her college years.  She did exercise plans and nutritional consulting for all walks of life and continues to do so. She believes that food is our pharmacy and it is imperative to do some form or movement or exercise at least a few days a week to keep yourself at optimal health.  For people that have no interest in the gym, even taking a walk in nature immediately aligns our chakras and keeps the vibration high, as does eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Lisa believes that all of these important topics are vital to our existence and should have been a priority and discussed in our schooling. Lisa’s greatest joy is seeing her clients thriving:  Living in their heart space, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and financially. Essentially, living the life of their dreams.