Client Testimonials

The energetic shift in just Lisa’s presence is so amazing. She has a profound way of really bringing  so much happiness and light to her clients. It is really her true gift to the world. Whenever I need help clearing myself, or if I’m caught up in negative thoughts having a session with her boosts my mood and  just resets my energy. — J.

The following feedback is a sampling of experiences my previous clients have voluntarily provided and gave their permission to share with you.

Additional personal stories can be found in Client Stories.


My niece had been seeing Lisa Gercie for counseling for many years and recommended me to her for a hypnotic healing session. My issue was an  incessant cough that I had for 6 years. No medical treatment was of help, and no one knew why I was coughing. So, I decided to give Lisa’s healing a try. After 1 session I am not coughing anymore. I am in disbelief, and it is a miracle. I can’t thank her enough and I am so grateful for her God given gift. I thank God, Jesus, & the Angel’s every night. — S

It was so wonderful to meet and have a healing session with Lisa. I feel incredibly peaceful and powerful, and the world appears brighter. At the same time, I feel silly, playful, and light. I’m feeling a shift for sure, and I am excited to welcome what is to come. Lisa helped me connect into my higher self and I feel like the ‘Real Me’ again. — S.

2020 Testimonials through Susan Duval Seminars

“I had a remote healing as I could not attend Lisa’s healing circle due to health reasons, which was in Doylestown, PA on 7/17/20. I think it helped alot. I was tortured with pain until about 4am. I then fell asleep and woke up feeling better in the morning. I was able to do a lot of things that next day, and I believe it was due to her healing.” – – A.

“Lisa Gercie was simply angelic. My healing session was amazing.  She gave me wonderful messages as well as confirmation after confirmation. She said I was on track with my path in life as well as my life purpose. I left invigorated and full of confidence in myself.  Lisa inspired me to trust myself and my intuition. ” – – A.

“I had an amazing session with Lisa! She has such a calming presence that just being in her company is very soothing.  I felt the most amazing sensations as she performed the healing.  I felt much freer and lighter when I left. The sensations and improvement are continuing even a few days later.” – –  K.

“What a wonderful session I had with Lisa.  I was surprised that Padre Pio came to my session, touching my feet – a real concern for me as I have neuropathy.  Many others came:  Jesus, Mary, and other spiritual notables, even my late husband.  I felt lots of love.” – – A.

More Testimonials

“Lisa is such a neat person. She has such an immense healing energy. Her office feels like a home of sorts somewhere you are supposed to be.  She takes her time to really understand you and what she can do for you. She took me on an amazing journey that I will never forget and I will absolutely be seeing her again. People are sent to you purposely, and if you are here reading this, then make the appointment. Go in with an open mind and heart, the rest she will take care of. Thank-you Lisa. ” – – T. “I feel more at peace since my healing session with Lisa. I requested on my list feeling less angry, and also less emotional eating & sugar cravings. I am no longer craving my favorite desserts.  Lisa has helped me immensely.” – – H. “I can’t thank Lisa enough for the reset.  I have been really struggling lately and just talking to her transports me to a world that’s ok. I am now full of hope and excitement for my future despite the world circumstances that we are in. As for her hypnotic healing sessions, well they are one of a kind! ” – – J.

“There are no words to explain what Lisa has done for me.  Her healings and her therapy have connected me to a higher power and gave me back the peace in my life.  I have now found and walk in my purpose.  I can’t thank her enough.  I highly recommend her to everyone I meet. Her healing space is my place of peace.” – – J.

“My healing sessions with Lisa are amazing and I look forward to them so much. I feel and see
connections with special family members who have passed away and I have also connected with my
past lives. I leave my sessions with a sense of peace and calmness. I also feel myself healing, evolving,
and changing in my personal life. Every session makes me feel more strongly connected spiritually,
which brings me more peace and comfort in my life.” – – T.

“I firmly believe I was divinely guided to Lisa’s practice.  For years, I struggled with personal relationships, depression, and anxiety due to multiple factors.  Most of my problems were deeply rooted in my upbringing, but manifested themselves negatively in the present.  I was prescribed anti-depressants and sleep aids for a number of years, but I no longer use either! The healing sessions with Lisa have helped me to release the past and discover a deep serenity and peace with the knowledge that the Divine is real and active in my life right now and always has been. The healing sessions on the table are one of the greatest experiences of my entire life.  I go into deeper meditation each time I am on the table.  I feel connected to my spirituality in a way I never have before.  When I am on the table and in Lisa’s office, I feel a sense of peace, serenity, positivity, and connectedness that is beyond compare.  I love that Lisa has many years of traditional clinical, academically based counseling experience to balance her metaphysical healing procedures.  I feel it gives even more legitimacy to the miracles that occur in her office.  Lisa is a truly gifted healer, and she gives her gift freely and lovingly in order to help her clients—and the world—heal.  I am happier than I have ever been on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level, and I have Lisa to thank very much for that!” – – C.

“My husband and I have been seeing Lisa Gercie for several years. She has helped heal our heart and soul after the death of my husband’s parents. Lisa has also helped us connect with them through meditation and hypnosis. We both have felt things in Lisa’s office that we know are from the spiritual realm. One evening with Lisa, we also saw an apparition by her curtains and then it faded. We both feel that she has healed our spirit and made our relationship better. Just being in her office gives us a sense of calm.” – –  J. & S.

“Lisa guided me on a journey within myself that left me forever changed.  She is a talented light worker and true healer.” – – A.

“As a spiritual person, yet unaware of the vast spiritual energies in the world, I can say these sessions are amazing.  I reach a sense of pure peace and connection to another plane of being.  The session leaves me completely realigned, refreshed, and with a complete sense of peace and happiness that I cannot achieve when meditating alone at home.  There is nothing that can compete with an in-person session that Lisa conducts.”  – – K.

“I am convinced that as a result of Lisa’s hypnotherapy work I have been able to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Today my life feels balanced, full of promise and peaceful.” – – R.

“I started seeing Lisa after my partner of 29 years died of terminal brain cancer. Carol’s life was all about service. She volunteered for the emergency squad and then became an EMT. After my first few sessions with Lisa I felt ready for hypnosis. The first session under hypnosis was a healing session. Following this session I felt more relaxed, revitalized,and much less anxious with no worries. In my last session under hypnosis I saw white light in front of me and going into that light I felt I was in a heaven­like dimension. At the end of the white light I saw a figure. I wasn’t sure who it was at first but then heard Carol’s voice telling me that she was alright and that I was going to be fine. When I came back from this experience I felt like a 100 pound weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and I was much more positive and relaxed about my future.” – – P.

“In my healing session with Lisa on January 4th my knees were aching terribly from my rheumatoid arthritis. I desperately needed relief. As Lisa took me into the hypnotic state I could feel the presence of Archangels Raphael, and Michael. I can truly say that I met the angels that night as they began to manipulate my body on the massage table. It was incredible! I felt them moving my legs and they had actually placed my legs like angel wings on the table. They had asked me to do these exercises every day to continue helping me heal. I also saw the bright white light come upon me during this session. I actually thought Lisa turned a light on, but she did not. Since that healing session my knees have been pain free and this to me is a true blessing. I always had faith, but now I have proof that my angels are protecting me always.

Another session that I had with Lisa she connected me to my deceased mother and we actually had a conversation together which was beautiful and touching. Also as an avid animal lover, I have also been connected to my fur babies Simon, Buddy, and Callie. Lisa has a true gift of connecting people to their loved ones in heaven.” – – L.

“With the gentlest of gestures, there is a powerful healing energy that can help restore a broken body, spirit and heart to wholeness.  I have known Lisa for 20 years.  She has been my guide through many personal challenges.  Lisa’s therapy has healed me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  After a hypnosis session my neck and shoulder pain vanish.  Having the ability to heal is a very rare and special gift.  Lisa inherited this gift because of her love for all living beings and her dedication to promote peace and well-being.  It is more than her life’s work, it is her purpose in life. ” – – K.

“My session with Lisa was on April 14th, my mother’s birthday. I knew it would be a good day to connect. While I was under hypnosis I knew that I was in a spiritual dimension. A glowing, lighted figure appeared to my right side. I just knew then and there that my mom was with me. She walked arm and arm beside me and I felt so much love and comfort. This session was proof that she is always with me giving light, love, and strength. Thank-you so much Lisa for helping me see and feel my mother, and in helping lift my sadness. You are a blessing.” – – B.

“From the first day Lisa put me under hypnosis I knew that she had something special.  The spiritual energy in her presence is palpable.  Together we are connecting with some of the highest spiritual beings!  I can channel messages from King Solomon, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Seraphina and the list goes on.” – – T.

“Lisa’s kindness and healing helped my child become a happy 16 year old girl.  I was so impressed with the healing that I began to see Lisa.  She is an angel on earth.  I cannot imagine not having her in our lives.  She truly is an incredibly special lady.” – – G.

“I had been suffering with health issues for years.  Lisa performed a spiritual healing on me and I could feel my body release the pain and numbness that I had previously felt for a very long time.  After the healing, I stepped out of her office feeling little to no pain.  Lisa is simply amazing with this incredible gift.” – – D.