Professional Endorsements

When I first came to see Lisa Gercie, the hypnotic healer I was interested in the services that she provides to her clients. After seeing her I can say that a dramatic shift happened in my body. It started to occur while I was still in her office and an almost visual and auditory healing occurred with immense relief. I followed her recommended instructions for the following week and had complete resolution of my persisting health symptoms. I had seen several specialists and primary care doctors over the previous 6 months with no relief, just new medications to “try” with a few different diagnoses. With one visit to Lisa Gercie, my pain and associated infection was gone. It has been 5 months and I am still healthy and symptom free. I am so grateful to Lisa. Her energy, her spoken and unspoken words and her intelligence surpass any other practitioners I have been to.

Lisa is an excellent healer that brings a healing light to a dark/hidden area and brings peace and relaxation. Her kindness and healing abilities assist the body in healing, relaxing, releasing, cleansing and calming itself.  She is truly an instrument of spiritual healing.” – – Dr. Christine Garvey, DC

“It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with Lisa Gercie on a personal level. In my opinion Lisa is a talented healer, truly blessed in her gifts to serve our community. Her hypnotic healing sessions are powerful, beautiful, and transcending. It was an honor to receive healing myself through hypnosis and transformed areas of my own life that needed attention and light.

My personal experience with Lisa’s hypnosis sessions is that they can stimulate healing on many levels of the individual; physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. In my interactions with Lisa it is clear that she is professional, and well-educated in her field.

If you are in search of physical wellness, emotional healing, or even a deeper meaning and purpose in your own life these healing sessions may be for you.” – – Natalie Bieber, DO Family Medicine Physician

Professional Endorsement from Author, Rev. Edie Weinstein

I had the pleasure of being on the healing table of Lisa Gercie in early 2016.  From the moment I walked into her office in a professional business setting, I was certain that I was also entering a healing haven. Soothing music was playing…one of my favorite artists; Enya. The room was dimly lit, which added to the restful environment. Just the right combination for this recovering Type A personality who clearly needed to ease back into a relaxed state.


One of the first things Lisa did was ask if there were particular physical and emotional issues I wanted to focus on. I had come in with two bodily issues. The first was left sacral spine pain that was such that I needed to place my foot on the table and my leg at a 45 degree angle so I would be comfortable, rather than lying flat. The other was that I had strained my right foot while working out at the gym. In preparation for the session, Lisa placed a crystal on my third eye chakra called Phenocite which is the highest vibrational crystal for opening the 3rd eye into the highest realms and increases the chances of connecting with angels and ascended masters. I have worked with crystals before, but this time, it seemed as if my forehead was literally absorbing it. I expected to find it lodged in my skin when we were complete. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

She began with a hypnotic induction that within moments, had me in a deeply relaxed state. Although I am an easy subject, I noticed moving quickly into it. Even so, I was simultaneously aware of Lisa’s voice and the sounds around me, including a train going by.

An amazing thing I experienced was what felt like a hand reaching for mine from the adjacent wall and taking it in a comforting gesture. Not sure who it belonged to, but rather than feeling freaked out about it, I took it as sign that love was the intention. Then I saw in front of me a green surface with a line drawn around it and felt as if I was being pulled into it as scissors were cutting through it, as if it was paper. I jolted back into my body at that moment, not realizing that I had been journeying out of it.

The second portion of the session involved communicating with loved ones who passed. In my head, I heard Michael (my husband who died in 1998) telling me to “Let go of all of it.” He reminded me that in doing so, we could both move on, since he was attached by my challenge with surrendering the past. He wanted me to take the next steps in my life that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

At the end of the time on the table, I arose, feeling deeply rested and with an amazing relief from pain in both my spine and my foot…gone!

In addition to that session with Lisa, I have been working with Dr. Darin Mazepa who is a practitioner of Network Chiropractic. Some of his interventions were on the sacral spine area as well. I not only sense that the team approach made a difference, but in a follow up screening, he showed evidence that the area had experienced healing.

The pain has not returned since my time on Lisa’s table.