Preparation for Your Session


This is YOUR life! Loving yourself will contribute greatly to healing your body, for love heals. Our minds and bodies are seamlessly connected.  We are emotional creatures and can feel the entire spectrum from joy to misery. Often we become burdened with heavy emotions such as; anger, fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, blame, shame, regret, and guilt. If we do not express our emotions they become trapped and stagnant (issues in our tissues). This may lead to recurring problems in our lives. The process of letting go of negative thoughts will allow your energy body to reset its system and reclaim its natural state of health, peace, and authentic joy. My intent is to help you free or move stuck emotional energy so you can tap into your full potential.

Write a list of approximately nine things you would like healed or manifested. Pray and meditate upon them prior to your session. Set your intention and see yourself perfectly healthy, balanced, and whole.  Visualize doing all of the activities before the disease or pain set in.  Bring this list with you to your scheduled session.


During this spiritual journey, you are engaging in a partnership with the Divine.  Please wear white or light colored clothing to your session. Wearing white assists the healing spirits, angels, and Ascended Masters in seeing your energy body and the tapestry of your soul in order to view your complete karmic history. It will help them to “see” what organ systems and chakras need cleansing and releasing.

Lisa will do a ten minute channeled, hypnotic induction which will guide you into a relaxed state.  Some people relax deeply, while others may fall asleep. Try not to overanalyze the process.  In fact, this session is unlike traditional hypnosis whereas the spirits, angels, and Ascended Masters blend with your consciousness to facilitate the healing. As a result, this  spiritual energy may guide your higher self to help the ego fall asleep so that it doesn’t interfere with the process. During the session, Lisa will connect with these divine light beings. She will channel this energy to assist your higher self in healing your multidimensional system. It is important to keep your eyes closed, and arms and legs uncrossed throughout your entire session. This will keep the healing energy current strong and flowing throughout the body with no disruption.