Meet Lisa Gercie

Lisa Gercie praying hands.
Lisa Gercie


Acknowledged as a leading healer in Eastern Pennsylvania, Lisa Gercie’s services are sought by people from all walks of life and all faiths. As word-of-mouth spread rapidly about her incredible healings, people began suddenly appearing from surrounding towns and then from surrounding states.

She now has client’s from across the country, and soon she will be traveling abroad. It was time to share her unique gift with the world. Healer, channel, intuitive empath, clairsentient, and clairvoyant in dream state—these are all words used to describe Lisa’s special gifts. People prefer to use the word LOVE because that’s what Lisa represents to her clients—love of the gift God gave her, and love of the spirituality in the healings she gives us all by channeling this divine source energy. We witnessed her open people’s hearts to help them see the good within themselves.

As a child, Lisa recalls being visited by light beings as early as four years old. She saw energy with her naked eye and thought this was everyone’s reality. She could predict events and get signs or information through dream state. Later in life, Lisa learned she came from a long lineage of ancestors who had psychic gifts. For most of her life, she studied with various mentors, healers, and shamans and continues to do so. The visitations from the light beings are ongoing to this day. She’s grateful to have a celestial team guiding and assisting her with this monumental life mission.

In 1998, Lisa graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University. She has been in private practice for 20 years. In 2012, during traditional hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation, and weight-loss, her life took an unexpected turn. People exclaimed that they mysteriously connected with their deceased loved ones and angels in the hypnotic state. Others spoke of miraculous healings. Clients who have suffered with diseases and all sorts of ailments, had reported substantial improvement in their health and emotional well-being. Many have provided proof of improved blood work, or visible validation of looking healthier and being pain free. Some clients also mention a heightened vibration—an elevated state where they discovered their own untapped, dormant metaphysical gifts. There are many people whose quality of life have been improved just by working with her.

Lisa’s metaphysical abilities began to intensify after her profound out-of-body, merkaba experience in September of 2015. Her new normal is seeing orbs, energy, apparitions and at times angels with the naked eye. She can feel and channel spiritual energy in order to transmute illness and disease. When she’s in a meditative state, within seconds, she can connect with the Universal Divine Intelligence, Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, and your departed loved ones.

As of today, Lisa Gercie has dedicated her life to assisting thousands of people to heal themselves. Her once private practice has now evolved into a sacred healing sanctuary. Her time is devoted to working with God, the Ascended Masters, Angelic realm, and the Collective Consciousness of Light Beings in order to assist the global ascension of humanity. She believes we are all connected, and we must contribute to creating a kinder, gentler planet.

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Read what clients have to say about their experiences.

“I was prescribed anti-depressants and sleep aids for a number of years, but I no longer use either! The healing sessions with Lisa have helped me to release the past and discover a deep serenity and peace with the knowledge that the Divine is real and active in my life right now and always has been.” — C.