Individual Hypnotic Healing Sessions

The table in the office.
Rest, Relax. Repeat….

This is Lisa’s most popular service.  Many have declared miracles happening during or after a hypnotic healing session. People have reported a reduction in pain, improvement in quality of health, emotional balance, or spiritual upliftment. Many come to her that have exhausted all other options.

Each person’s experience is unique.  When lying on the healing table, some feel pulses of energy, heat or chills. If there’s a specific area of the body that needs healing, some might feel it being worked on, while others see it in their minds eye. Many have seen the healing spirits, angels, and Ascended Masters working on them, while others have been given answers on how to heal themselves.  The universal divine intelligence knows what needs to be addressed for the soul’s growth.  The only requirement is that the soul grant permission to allow the healing to occur. Many feel God’s love or (Source energy), which is a life-changing experience in itself!

Healing Circles

Due to the increasing demand on Lisa’s schedule, she is expanding her healing mission to help even more people. She is currently facilitating healing circles for groups.

Small Circle – 2 to 10 people
Medium Circle – 11 to 20 people
Large Circle – 21+

Please email us for more information.

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