The Hypnotic Healer

Acknowledged as a leading healer in Eastern Pennsylvania, Lisa Gercie’s services are sought by people from all walks of life and all faiths. As word-of-mouth spread rapidly about her incredible healings, people began suddenly appearing from surrounding towns and then from surrounding states.

In 2012, during traditional hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation, and weight-loss, her life took an unexpected turn. People exclaimed that they mysteriously connected with their deceased loved ones and angels in the hypnotic state. Others spoke of miraculous healings. Clients who have suffered with diseases and all sorts of ailments, had reported substantial improvement in their health and emotional well-being.

Many have provided proof of improved blood work, or visible validation of looking healthier and being pain free.  Some clients also mention a heightened vibration—an elevated state where they discovered their own untapped, dormant metaphysical gifts.

Lisa shares her personal journey by describing her own out of body experience.

All sessions with Lisa Gercie are scheduled in advance by making an appointment.

Lisa Gercie sitting in meditation pose.
In 1998, Lisa graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University. She has been in private practice for 20 years.

Hypnotic Healing Sessions

Individual Hypnotic Healing Sessions are Lisa’s most popular service.  Many have declared miracles happening during or after a hypnotic healing session.

People have reported a reduction in pain, improvement in quality of health, emotional balance, or spiritual upliftment. Many come to her that have exhausted all other options.

Each person’s experience is unique.  When lying on the healing table, some feel pulses of energy, heat or chills. If there’s a specific area of the body that needs healing, some might feel it being worked on, while others see it in their minds eye. Many have seen the healing spirits, angels, and Ascended Masters working on them, while others have been given answers on how to heal themselves.  The universal divine intelligence knows what needs to be addressed for the soul’s growth.  The only requirement is that the soul grant permission to allow the healing to occur. Many feel God’s love or (Source energy), which is a life-changing experience in itself!

Inside the office

Transform Your Life

RVN TV Interview with Sheri DeMaris

Watch the 30 minute video with Lisa Gercie.

Sheri DeMaris interviewing Lisa Gercie

Past Life Regressions

Lisa is certified in Dolores Cannon’s world renown Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Healing Circles

Lisa is currently facilitating healing circles for groups.

Connect with Departed Loved Ones

In every healing Lisa gives, Spirit insists that people begin to embrace their lives again.

You are invited to learn about individual hypnotic healing sessions.

“My personal experience with Lisa’s hypnosis sessions is that they can stimulate healing on many levels of the individual; physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. In my interactions with Lisa it is clear that she is professional, and well-educated in her field.” — Natalie Bieber, DO Family Medicine Physician

“I had been suffering with health issues for years. Lisa performed a spiritual healing on me and I could feel my body release the pain and numbness that I had previously felt for a very long time. After the healing, I stepped out of her office feeling little to no pain. Lisa is simply amazing with this incredible gift.” — D.

“As a spiritual person, yet unaware of the vast spiritual energies in the world, I can say these sessions are amazing. ” — K.

From the moment I walked into Lisa’s office I felt an instant calming, yet energetic energy wash over me. Through Lisa’s hypnotic healing sessions and her guiding light, my life evolved into nothing less than joy, security, and abundance. — B.

As soon as my healing session began I could feel the presence of the angels. I then felt this heat in my chest, something that I had never felt before. My chest visibly looked like I had a sun burn after the session. That night my boyfriend drove me home after my session and I felt that I had an out of body experience. — L